Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Sensual Color of Fashion

Using brushes and ink, the typical Japanese tools of calligraphy, OHGUSHI creates delicate watercolor-like illustrations. That didn’t take long to attract the attention of numerous magazines including Vogue Nippon, Numero Tokyo and Elle Japan, and also fashion brands such as Emilio Pucci, renowned for its vivid print patterns.

OHGUSHI discovered his talent after an artistic setback. Even so, as soon as the ink-water mixture touched the paper, in the form of a female figure, he knew he was on to something. His creations are sensual, delicate and fluid, with a vivid feeling that comes from the fact that,according to the artist,it is a medium with a special sense of tension: I have to work quickly and precisely

In the fashion world, he is mostly known for her collaboration with Emilio Pucci. It happened in 2005, when he painted models wearing Pucci's creations, at one of the designer's party. That's another thing: OHGUSHI does many live-painting sessions, so you get to see the artist at work (yes, let him work for his bread!).

This is the work that I love the most. It's because of the hair, that he obtain by using calligraphy brushes in order to make it resemble a curtain of smoke......easier said, then done!

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