Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Le Saint n'est pas plus...

Yves Saint Laurent that is.
I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about, 'cause it's been all over the news. Just like when the fashion world lost Isabella Blow.
The thing I hate the most about news like this (besides the death part) is the non-stop row of number-type information. Here is what it was said about him:

- Name: Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint Laurent
- Date of Birth: Aug 1, 1936
- Place of Birth: Oran, Algeria
- Date of Death: Jun 1, 2008
- Place of Death: Paris
- Time of Death:(this is really stupid) 11:10 PM
- Died at the age of: 71

We will remember a great creator, a brilliant mined of the 20th century because of this ?! The list simply goes on and on...everything in a tragic note. Yes, it's tragic, but this will only keep on happening, generations are changing...Even so, we should remember Yves Saint Laurent in the idea of a smile and be thankful what he left us: great clothes, wonderful thoughts and nostalgia...starting now!In his memory, here are a few of his most popular quotes:
* You have to regard every fashion with humor, to be above it, believe in it enough to give the impression of living it but not too much, so that you keep your freedom.
* The elegance of a line depends above all on the purity and refinement of its construction.
* Black is my refuge, it is a line on a blank sheet of paper.
* The silhouette counts more than anything. It should never be overloaded.
* I found my style through women. That’s where its strength and vitality comes from, because I draw on the body of a woman.
* A woman who has not found her style, who does not feel at ease in her clothes, who does not live in harmony with them, is a sick woman.
* To be beautiful, all a woman needs is a black pullover and a black skirt and to be arm in arm with a man she loves.
* Is elegance not totally forgetting what one is wearing?

Card made by the designer, for his friends.

The Fashion industry (designers and journalists) shares memories of Yves Saint Laurent with us-click.

In the END, for me, Christian Lacroix said it just right: Chanel, Schiaparelli, Balenciaga and Dior all did extraordinary things. But they worked within a particular style. Yves Saint Laurent is much more versatile, like a combination of all of them. I sometimes think he’s got the form of Chanel with the opulence of Dior and the wit of Schiaparelli.

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