Monday, June 23, 2008

Fashionable Ikea

Since I seem to be in an advertising mood, here is something that seems so normal, but until now it just didn't happen. It's an Ikea advertisement, with a fashion feeling. This campaign is from last year, even so, it's pretty intriguing.
The Norwegian fashion designer Peter Løchstøer, designed fashion outfits out of bedlinen. However, it is nothing new combining home decor and fashion...Susie Bubble, a great London-based fashion blogger reported going to Zara Home to get some things for her home... She walked out with the perfect new dress. By the way, exactly this bedsheets were used to create the shirt with the bow; they cost 16,95 euros.

IKEA always tried (and most of the time manage) to create innovative interior design and advertisement.. I find this one is genius. It's highly relevant to the target group, illustrating clothing storage possibilities as well as alternative use of their fabrics.

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