Sunday, June 8, 2008

Charming Sixties

Maybe you were expecting this article, because you know just how obsessed I've gotten with this time period! This is just a small sketch and I wrote it just because of this amazing Burda images...
At the beginning of the 60s, France's Haute Couture was still the main fashion influence. Just in a few years, there was a blooming of the economy, that helped women from other European countries become more self-assured.
The unique suit styles of André Courrèges were presented next to afternoon dresses in chic artichoke-look from Pierre Cardin, or Mary Quant's legendary creation of the miniskirt (this days, that's really not considered that small...).
1965 was the year of André Courrèges. First the French designer stunned the world with knee-length, trapezoid dresses and then he sent ladies into the city wearing the pantsuit. He dressed women all in white, worked with starkly geometric cuts, and introduced plastic foils as clothing material. Yves Saint Laurent followed the design of the street suit, then topped it in 1966 with the creation of the first women's tuxedo! In the same period, fashion trends from London became popular. Inspired by the short skirts of her colleague - the English designer Mary Quant - Courrèges, went one step further, making skirts even shorter and thereby creating the miniskirt. For the first time, trends came from the street and not from Haute Couture.
Here are some fashion sketches, from a 1966 Burda Magazine issue:

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