Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Innocent and Guilty

These cute/creepy little Asian girls are the brain-child of Chinese artist Zhang Pen.
Cute, but at the same time, they always seem to hide something. It is a true image of a woman, that at the same time is a little girl! (by the way, this one with the cake is my favorite photo).

Through bought photography and painting, she creates these eerily beautiful tableaux. Some images can be a bit unsettling, because mixing little kids and blood-like fluids is not such a picture-perfect image. But that's just what makes these works great.
I love the fact that just as Joshua Hoffine, Pen works with little children, combining their innocence, with the violence (or should I say dirtiness) that seems to hide in each one of us.
To see her more of her cool work pay a visit to her site.

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