Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mot Gabriela - The Tom Boy

She is amazing! You can take my word for it, because I know her in real life! A fantastic girl with a tone of imagination. I want to show you all her collection, a real treat for the eye.
So, this is La Garconne . A collection inspired from the '20s, the crazy years of fashion (as costume history call them). It's a clean collection, with simple lines, with an accent on structure.Even tough the collection is mostly monochromatic, color accents are also present. The contrast between the black and (my personal favorite) fuchsia is in a way electric, because it revives the entire outfit!Now, a little bit about Gabi:
She just finished her studies in Fashion, at the University of Art and Design, Timisoara. Gabi gets her inspiration from the places where the human mind as built the future: the street, a book, a magazine, at home - when I loose myself looking at the walls and rewinding in my mind an entire story, an entire movie.
You can send her a message here, or on Fashion Marathon. Be sure she is going to enjoy them!


Anonymous said...

so cool. I love that upturned neck and everything twenties!

Girl are you link swapping?! You need more readers for your daily posts! Don't be shy go ahead and let them know that you've linked them and would love a trade. :)

anna said...

such a great collection, I love all the ruffles and lace gloves!