Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Illustrating With a Needle

Didn't get it when reading the title? Check this out and it will all become clear:
Amazing, isn't it?
Claire Coles offers a new approach to wallpaper design. Stitching vintage wallpapers together of various textures and patterns Claire creates one off intricate and ethereal wallpapers, illustrations and accessories.

This, about £180/work

Another interesting thing: I found her works on a trend-forecast site. So analyze her art, especially the textures! Go, visit Claire in her vintage-retro-wonderland.

Absolutely beautiful hand-sewn panels of wallpaper that have an ethereal quality, thanks to the delicacy of the stitching and emotive patterns. Just one panel transforms a room Elle Decoration.
Photo&Info: ClaireColesDesign

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