Monday, September 29, 2008

When Funny Just Isn't Funny Anymore...

Ok, you know me, I love a good laugh! But this is too much even for me! Take a look and you be the judge:

So? Freaky!!! Le freak, c'est chic! :))
from: OnlineTimepass


Cyanilla Latte said...

Freaky indeed.They are not even hats, they're masks.I'd say this is misteryous attitude gone bad.Such a shame, the clothes looks nice though

Arina said...

I couldn't agree more! Maybe they thought it's cool! :))NOT! But it's ok, they make fashion funny! :)

milasfashion said...

the designer is a russian girl alena akhmadulina (very talented, she graduated as an painter). she shows in paris and she also designed outfits worn by angelina jolie in her latest movie "wanted".

milasfashion said...

another big advantage is: you don't have to hire make-up and hair stylists..

Arina said...

this is crazy! The girl has tones of talent...and she does this?! Come on! I agree that the clothes are great, but the show is as disaster in my book!
Oh! and another advantage is that the models can be ugly, right? :)) You silly!:)

Exquisite Muffin said...

I belive that the masks tell a great story, and it's a show, probably it's personal and it's the designer's story, the way the designer saw its collection.And the clothes really stand out.

Arina said...

@Exquisite Muffin: I couldn't agree more with you. Yes, maybe the masks tell a story and yes, the clothes are fantastic.
Yes, there could be a whole view of the entire collection... BUT (there is a big BUT), when the message isn't understood and people get confused when seeing them...well, let's just say the message becomes useless in this situation.
Plus, as a designer, one should keep the esthetically point of view always in mind. In my opinion, they just don't work!
But I love the clothes :))