Friday, September 19, 2008

Pa:nuu and It's Playful Style

Pa:nuu is a street wear line from Denmark that focuses on bold color choices, blocky patterns and high contrast styles. They are well known in Europe, but that doesn't stop them to reach out toward the US.
They most definitely take a nu-rave / 80's influence into their designs and if there's one single word to describe their color and line choices it would be inorganic, fake (an example of situation when being fake is a great, fantastic, super thing). The collection doesn't have any natural curves, no natural colors and no natural color combinations.
NO NATURAL should be their fall / winter line slogan!

Just take a look at this collection and you will see the trends in street wear (especially as far as colors are concerned).
Lately I keep thinking that the fashion industry is getting a new branch, alongside haute couture and prêt à porter. Yes, I talking about the urban style.

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