Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hairdos and Hair Don't

As a true modern girl, you know that great fashion also means great style! That's why we have take into consideration the hairdos! So, here are the 4 most important trends in hair styling, from Wella Professionals:

1.Trend Wonderland
Captures the importance of protecting, embracing and playing with nature. Nature is the new paradise, this is an optimistic romanticism, nature elevated to super nature – a verdant escape.

2.Trend Mineral Splendour
Sees the demise of ostentation as luxury is re-evaluated and becomes understated. This is the ultimate in luxury where rarity and preciousness rule supreme.

3.Trend Factory Lyrics
(in other words, my personal favorite)
Welcomes in the twilight zone of industrialization at its zenith. Past emotions rise to the fore and beauty is born from the dust and ashes. A new blurred reality sees the resounding rejection of conforming to existing beauty ideals and imperfection rises to the rank of ruler.

4.Trend Couture Allure
Offers a strong and personalized form of radical self-expression. This is an assertive style for people with audacity and charisma, they live life as if on a stage and the stage is elevated to the highest level.

Photos & info: Wella Professionals

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