Monday, August 11, 2008

Won't You Scare Me Again and Again...?

My latest obsession when it comes to photography has the face of horror!
I present to you all Joshua Hoffine and his horror photography that only makes you crave for more!
He only works with horror and he does it well enough to create spooky sensations. A collection of photos, named After Dark My Sweet is my personal favorite. In each image you can see one scary thing from your childhood, presented just as you had imagined it! Or did you imagine it...'cause, as you can see, those creatures look pretty real! Don't worry, as the artist says: I use friends and family members as actors and crew. Everybody works for free. We do it for fun.
This photo's called ISOLATION and you can see the making off on Joshua's blog + many other interesting things.
Go now and visit the horror keeper to find out more and to see more horror photography. Believe me, you'll get addicted pretty soon! But Joshua is very understanding to our craves (plus, really friendly!)
Only good words for and about Joshua Hoffine!

+ horror is very trendy this fall, especially with the upcoming Dark Fiction Trend (you know, black-is-back, black-on-black...).

Photos and info: Joshua Hoffine,


J e s s i c a said...

EW !
that's really scary !

I like your blog.

Arina said...

Yeah...I guess it is :)) But us girls like to be scared sometimes, don't we ? :))