Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Visiting Maramures (part II)-The Pain Memorial

When justice does not succeed in being a form of memory, memory itself can be a form of justice - Ana Blandiana (contemporary Romanian Poet and initiator of the Memorial)
This was the most intense experience of my life. A place where you must go, when you will be prepare to face the true reality of communism. The Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance is now a museum in Siget,Romania, but before 1989 it was one of the most important communist prisons.
Behind the ex-prison walls, you can visit every cell and learn of the red-Romanian history. Be prepared, 'cause you'll find out things that are not that easy to digest (like torture methods, surviving techniques the prisoners used etc.) The Memorial aims to rebuild the memory of certain nations, particularly the Romanians, who for half of a century have been misled with a false history.
You can see there portraits painted in blood, priers written on textile materials in gem, blood or even sown (religion wasn't well seen by the communist regime). There are many more thing to see, like the cell where Iuliu Maniu died (click for more info), or the yard with interesting works of art.

After you visit the majority of cells (that offer you a view from all perspectives, regarding how people were affected by communism) you get to the rooms dedicated to everyday life and kitsch communist art. Well...most of them I know...most of them I still have at my grandparents home...
A reacquisition deep inside the soul. - a possible hiding place of the middle-class enemy!!!! oh...!!!
For more info please visit the site and then, if you can find the time, visit the place!

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