Thursday, August 28, 2008

And It Shall Be Long!

This fall, the trends are telling us we should go long - as long as possible. Not a bad idea if you think about the cold weather, right?Yes, the skirt size is the most dramatic change. If you didn't see this size in trends in the last few year, now you're going to get more then enough visual information. The waist in hight and the length under the knees of lower (much lower).
As you can see, even the short ones are still pretty long. I find it a bit shocking the transformation, but I guess change is good sometimes (even if I'm not a big fan of this length). It's just that it's not very youthful as far as I think. You know, it has that bit of conservatory in it...maybe even a reminiscent oh the Catholic School skirt. Ups! I've just remember guys find it sexy!
It must have something to do with all the fabric covering something (and they must find out what, right girls?). Well, then let the long skirt come!
My favorite as far as dresses goes is still the house of Balenciaga. I won't debate on it, so I'll just tell you what Nicolas Ghesquière said:
I wanted something austere, but with a bit of Spanish drama. It's quite cinematographic, an idea of film noir, like Simone Signoret in Les Diaboliques—but it's really me exploring the DNA of the house, with my sci-fi things going on with the plastics and latex.
Again, Balenciaga has a superb collection!(the Balenciaga dress is the 3ed black one above).
For the evening, all is well, especially that this length is, I shall say appropriate! The soft textile helps creat a mirage look that is oh so well fitted for a winter blizzard.
My all tine favorite type of dress. It needs no more description.
So, get shopping. For this look I recommend vintage. Have fun!

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