Sunday, August 3, 2008

On the Move

CIFF Trends - Fashion Season Autumn/Winter 2008-2009

The street culture’s influence adds vibrancy, rhythm, suppleness, and color – the city wardrobe is packed with energy.
Graphics, logos and pictograms are in constant development and typography is used as decoration.
A mix of sophisticated fabrics and sports materials protects and comforts you in the city.

An optimistic color range to feature in faux monochromes. Raspberry reds, burgundy, cool blues, purples, split pea. Livened up with fl ashy and bright accents originating from active sport.

Comfortable basics. Dense yet light, fl at or textured weave fabrics. Classic woolens in jacket and coat weights, cashmere-style broadcloths, moleskins, thick stretch macro diagonal cottons.
Smart tech. Anti-pollution, anti-radiation treatments. Micro encapsulation and waterproof-breathable treatments on all grounds.
Sport influence. Double knits, double-face jerseys, insulated and foam back jerseys. Simple or coated fleeces. Bonded, laminated fabrics, light soft shells, padded nylons.
Free expression. Bands placed like color blocks. Printed or knitted disrupted stripes. Spontaneous graphics in prints, mix of writing and stripes, felt-tip and ball-point pen drawings, tags, typography, stencils.

Simple urban shapes, with a sporty spirit, reworked with elegance. A look in motion, with plenty of ease.
Active cover-up. Maxi parkas and blanket coats, eiderdown jackets, sweat coat-dresses. Cosby shapes, homey comfort in voluminous fabrics.
Tailored jogging style. Mix and match hybrids. Slim and baggy, sport and city, stretch and roomy. Fleece jackets, technical windbreakers, sleeveless blouses,
boxy quilted blouses, tube skirts, loose maxi jogging pants, zouave leggings with dropped crotch.
Ready to move energy. Casual city fleeces. Chic and loose boxy tops. Hooded maxi cardigans with drawstring waist. Sweats with rounded sleeves. Zip-front blouses with placed contrasting bands. T-shirt dresses in striped knit to layer over leggings or skinny jeans. Fine gauge V-neck sweaters with patterns.

Work on cut. Exaggerated fullness, enveloping or boxy oversize shapes. Hoods. Giant collars or tilted necklines. Smart inside pockets (special compartments, wire routing for portable technology).

Clip and go. Pouch bags for mobile phones, all-in-one «techno» bags.
Flash dance. Dancer’s leg warmers, socks with graphic motifs, ultra-supple shoes in color stripes.
Color splash. Multicolor spray effects on canvas totes, gloves, pumps and trainers.

All images © Bella Center A/S
Copenhagen International Fashion Fair

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