Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kitch Mix

CIFF Trends - Fashion Season Autumn/Winter 2008-2009

Construct your own fake beauty. Shed the taboos and break away from the masses. Use the absurd and fleeting to avoid being ‘correct’. Use colors, shapes and materials in a new context. Take a stand and follow your imagination in a self-assured, but controlled manner.COLORS
A balancing act between deep darks, neutrals and intense colors. A range to work in contrasting multicolor harmonies.

Traditional. Colored flannels, reefer broadcloths, flecked and muted tweeds, micro patterns and woolly mock plains.
Casual clean. Dense and clean denims, thick cotton sateens. Basic fleeces and compact jerseys.
Daily shine. Glazed nylons, plasticized, varnished cloths, oilcloth and vinyl. Lamés, Lurex or sparkling jerseys, chocolate paper taffetas in a light version for tops and dresses.
Brick patterns. Decoration from everywhere. Berber stripes, Russian or Japanese-style floral prints. Scarf motifs, patchwork of patterns, multicolor camouflage, tapestry florals, tartans, ikat geometrics. Mix patterns together and make them season-less.

In search of out-of-the-ordinary shapes, layering and proportions.
Urban vibrations. Mock plain masculine robe coats, kurta or kimono coats to wear over city jogging pants. Mismatching suits, relaxed looks.
Non-standard work wear. Plains to tone down the profusion of decoration. Elongated or body-sculpting, boxy or cropped shapes. Blouses and trench/reefers, shirt/sweats.
Bell-bottoms with flat hips and waist in the right place. Peg-top pants with deep pleats. Slim pants with raised waist. Zouave pants to wear over jogging pants.
Giga knit. Thick wool, fur yarns, and heavy gouges for a handmade effect. Kitsch and couture effect mix. Large-sized graphic jacquard motifs, two- or three-color geometrics,
folkloric patterns for oversize puffed coats and sweaters.

Exaggeration. Over inflated, too long sleeves. Too short pants. Abundant mixes and layering in a hippie revival style. In knit, shake up proportions, shift buttoning, have fun with trims. Giant bows, maxi ribbing, embroidered decoration or dramatic cable. Feathers, fringe, fur, sensational details.

Plastic chic. Distorted shapes and offshoots, unexpected materials. Low boots, classic multi-pocket bags, in resin, PVC, smooth or quilted cotton jersey.
Glitter without hang-ups. Get away from the ordinary. Rhinestone accents on sport shoes, glitter scribble prints on ankle boots, bags reinforced with lamés or sparkling colored mirrors.

> Shake up taboos. Break with prevailing uniformity. Use the absurd and ephemeral as a new means of action to counter the overly correct.
> Act through color, shape and material to transform everyday reality.
> Reinterpret the chic, the cheap, play with all sorts of eclectic cultural references without ever taking yourself seriously.
> Dare to make a stand and follow a confident and controlled fantasy right through.

All images © Bella Center A/S
Copenhagen International Fashion Fair

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