Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cassette's Fashion Invasion

Carri Mundane is an English fashion designer. Born as Carri Munden, she is also credited as Carri Mundane and Cassette Playa, her fashion line. She currently works and lives in London.In addition to her lines, Munden has worked as a stylist for music videos and tours.

Influenced by her subjects' art, Mundane has also cited several global traditions including '90s skater fashion, Japanese anime, African prints, video games and '90s rave as influences. Her style also features neon prints.
She has further traveled with M.I.A. to Tamil Nadu, India and Jamaica during the latter's video shoots to collaborate. She describes some of her designs as quite cartoons but that she has no intention of making people look funny. Designing wear for men, she feels her designs make male wearers more 'masculinated', stating You have to be hard to carry it off.

Her first MAN showcase, was a film installation MAN Fall/Winter 2006/07, then a show for Spring/Summer 2007, followed by a film shown on the runway and then her "Future Primitive" show for Spring/Summer 2008.

In 2007, Munden was nominated for "Best Menswear Designer" at the British Fashion Awards, alongside Christopher Bailey and Alexander McQueen.
In 2008, she was named by Rolling Stone magazine as "Best Fashion Designer" of 2008 in their "Best of Rock" issue.

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