Sunday, August 3, 2008

Soft Tech

CIFF Trends - Fashion Season Autumn/Winter 2008-2009

Soft Tech is modern romantic nostalgia in between the past and the future.
It is a search for the ideal elegance that is the focus of this timeless look and comfort and formality mixes seamlessly. The casual wear will become softer, made from sustainable products in a rounded and understated design that streamlines elegance.
Pale or medium half-tones, metallic gray-cast shades, cosmetic neutrals. To light up with more mellow fl ashy accents.

Minimal fantasy. Masculine spirit in woolen/stretch, mock plain suitings, shaded Prince of Wales checks. Figured mini shirting patterns, anonymous micro-geometrics, small retro-style positive/negative patterns.
Easy comfort. Cotton velvets. Velor terries. Cosby sophisticated fleeces in wool/cashmere, bamboo/wool. Easy-care knits. Double jerseys with or without stretch.
Anti-freeze wrapping. Featherweight technicals, lacquered, quilted satiny nylons. Scrappy nylons with a paper handle. Polyester satins. Supple, smooth, mat or glossy leathers.

Cross styles. Mix urban elegance, sport modernity and lab technology.
Cyber-classics. Jackets, new chic casual suits with wide-shouldered jackets and ergonomic jeans or masculine jogging pants. Mini blazers and high-waisted ski pant jeans. Evolving design, sharp lines in light colors.
Smart outdoor wear. Cover-up parkas, igloo parkas. Lightness and round shapes. Windbreaker tops and sweats in a glam sport spirit. Reversible blouses. Waterproof down coats with inflated shapes. Quilted, blouses-length jackets to belt. All worn with leggings or peg-top pants.
New generation basics. Large hooded sweat cardigans. Smart slacks ’n’ sweats.
Modernistic sport. Science fiction influence. Futuristic slimline jogging styles. Skintight lab coat-style tops and sheath pants. Mini sweater dresses. Ergonomically designed chunky knit sweaters and cardigans.

Sharp lines, square shoulders, gathered or padded sleeve heads. Detachable sleeves. Built-in snaps. Translucent hook and loop fasteners, draw cords and zips.
Webbing belts to tie in contrasting colors and fabrics. Matt and shiny fabric mixes.

Soft masculine. Messenger bags, large-sized, or mini version worn as a necklace. Smoked eye wear. Oxford shoes. Driving gloves.
Airbag, extreme comfort. Quilted bags, folded eiderdown-style bags, articulated backpacks. Pared-down belts. Moon boots, shockproof trainers, ergonomic ballet slippers, sandals and chunky socks.

All images © Bella Center A/S
Copenhagen International Fashion Fair

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