Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Olympic Games of Fashion

I just found out who won the gold, silver and bronze, at the Beijing Olympic opening festivity! Surely you'll agree, especially because I came with pictures :))
Here we go!
Without any question, the Gold medal of Olympic fashion goes to The Netherlands team. I just L-O-V-E them...especially in this picture. Yes, it is a picture-perfect look! The only thing that bugs me is this: does the costume look like a Carlos Campos design? I know it from the 2007 fall collection!
Oh, the guys look fantastic: brains, muscles and great style!
Silver was taken by the French Team! The men looked dapper and the women shined in a belted ensemble, it was a look made to remind us why we love croissants, berets, stripes...why we dream of spending a lazy summer in Paris. Vive la France! GREAT STYLE! ...and they make it seem so easy...
The Bronze medal goes to the USA, who is almost cat walking in their Ralph Lauren suits. It's a great look, perfectly fitted on every athlete! Even so, except for the "oh so Tommy Hilfiger like red, white and blue look", I don't see anything American in this costumes...sorry guys. Trust me, we all want to look the Ralph way...
Anyways, great job!

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tare :))
si eu am scris despre design si JO.