Friday, August 8, 2008

Because it's Wrong...

With only a few days before the beginning of the Olympic Games, Beijing authorities decided not to keep their word, not to work in the Olympic spirit! Even tough China said the press will have unlimited access to information (of all type) on the Internet during the event, journalists were faced with a different truth!
Pages regarding subjects like Tibet, freedom of Tibet and organizations that support Tibet were censured...or in the web language: Page Not Found...
Sorry, but this sucks big time! I am a big fan of this ancient event, but this just ruined it for me. I hate them form letting the games take place in a country where the Olympic ideas are not respected. But, the games begin today!
That's why, everyday starting now, for 2 weeks, I'm going to protest, the best way I know how: via my blog and via my fashion!

So, first of all, a few images of The True Olympic Games, from Amnesty International:

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