Monday, August 25, 2008

Visiting Maramures (part I)-Surdesti Church

Here is one of the must-see things around the Maramures-Romania area (a map will be available soon-promise):
The wooden church of Surdesti was built in the year 1721. It measures 72m hight and it is considered to be the heights wooden construction in the world. The patrons of the church are the Archangels Michael and Gabriel.An interesting thing is the fact that the church still functions as a normal, lets say new one, for the village people.
The interior is decorated with towels wooden by the women of the village and the walls are painted directly on the wood (in 1784). They haven't been reconditioned, but believe me, they look amazing (sorry, we weren't allowed to take pictures of the inside). So, what did I like? Well, I just love the roof! It looks fantastic and it also offers an optical illusion effect! I couldn't help thinking of a skirt made with a type of plates that would imitate the roof. Maybe I'll make a sketch of it!
Who says architecture doesn't influence fashion?!

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