Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The place: somewhere near Deva (Romania), at some kind of camp...
The music: drum&bass, hip-hop & funk (Bread&Butter), reggae...so on
The people: many, colorful, funny...intoxicated! Just the way the camera loves them!So, in other words, I took advantage of the Summer Break Festival, to shear with you one of the most popular style trends from Timisoara. Technically, calling what these people are wearing a trend, it's a bit too much. But I won't fill your pretty little head with stuff like that!
For me, it's a trend just because you recognize it on the streets when you see it. I like the look for the originality factor and for it's youthfulness (the perfect clothes for a non-stop 3 days marathon of music and PARTYYYYY).It's all nice and dandy, but I just don't get it...what it up (or, I should say down) with guys showing their underwear?! And not just a little, in a sexy-clumsy kind. This kid has gone almost all the way! I wonder what brand were those boxers, that he needed to shear them with everybody...
Say HELLO to my monkey!
Plus, after-party morning look, with the oh so important after-vodka night beer.
A bohemian turban - I find it very hard to wear one, from the self-confidence point of view, do I always admire girls that wear it (especially with a modern twist).
Eco is so in right now, that it should be out. :))No! All my respect to the guys that cleaned the place after each day! And I love the geeky-hippie look!

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