Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Day For The Beatles!

The 10th of July is the Beatles Day. So put on one of their records, embark on a Yellow Submarine and just, Let it BE! This is a tribute to my favorite haircut and to my childhood favorite singer (John Lennon). Beatles, I salute you!But here we talk about fashion and the Liverpool guys had a thing to say as far as the costume history is concerned. The Beatles (1967) used to wear black lightweight wool suits and pointed Chelsea boots. A narrow profile, broad shoulders, tight trousers and shirt or polo neck shirts. A more popular (but less practical look) is the Sergent Pepper one. But let's not forget the goofiness!Let's take a look at the women--some celebrated, some forgotten--who influenced the lives of the Fab Four and were often the muses behind some of the Beatles' greatest songs. Just 1 thing to say: why Yoko?! Whyyyyy???Now take something for you moms/dads closet and recreate the psychedelic look!


Maria said...

I'm a huge fan of beatles they are great artist,their style are still fashionable wearing western boots

Arina said...

I can only agree sweetie! Their fashion style will be IN forever!