Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bred and Butter - RESPECT!

A few days ago, in Barcelona, the Bread and Butter Festival 2008, ended.
If you really don't know what BBB is, please go to the official website and get informed. I'm going to say just this: fashion, urban, underground, street, function + loads of creativity.

If like me, you didn't get to go there this year, be sure you're going to find all the details in my personal favorite magazine: WAD. Last year, they covered the entire event from a specially designed corner. Plus, you can also find inside info from the festival on the Hundreds website/blog and from other known street wear brands.

In the spirit of this event, I give you last years Mocking Bird collection. It's a Romanian brand, that is promising a comeback on the textile market, after a period of absence. So, be sure to remember them and if you don't...I WILL :).

Go Bread and Butter Barcelona!
Go Mocking Bird!

As a musical plus (or something like Bread&Butter? By the way...) be sure to listen to this musical breakfast: Bread&Butter DJs.

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