Monday, July 7, 2008

Super Hero Trends

A few year ago, there was an animation (you surely remember it): The Incredibles! At some point in the movie, there is a talk about hero fashion; that's when Edna comes in! She's the moody, crazy, cu-cu, artsy, adorable fashion designer for the super-heroes!

Edna Marie "E" Mode (that's her name) has created custom-made original outfits for superheroes since the glory days, saying that she designs for gods. It is apparent that she feels infinitely superior to all other designers in the world and shows much disregard towards runway boutiques and modern fashion models, claiming that she had gone to Milan to design clothing for the supermodels, and called them Spoiled, stupid little stick-figures with poofy lips who think only about themselves.

Some believe that the character Edna Mode is based on the real-life fashion designer, Edith Head and possibly Mary Quant. Calling the character 'Mode' is also certainly a pun on the French and German word for Fashion. Also, her hairstyle, personality, and appearance at European fashion shows may be a vague connection to Vogue super-editor and fashion force Anna Wintour.

E is as eccentric and bold as clothing designers come. The pint-sized fashionista with a personality ten times her size has a flair that only a superhero could truly appreciate. - Official Pixar Website

If Edna is a real life character, or just a cartoon, it's up to you to decide! I think she designs at Swarovski this days. I mean, look at their collection, inspired from video-games heroes and villains:

But funny aside, the super-hero look is really a trend and it's not that bad. Especially if you are at a Star Wars Convention :)).

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