Thursday, July 31, 2008

Protect Your Head!

From now on, we'll start talking about the fall/winter collections. I tried to post pone for too long now and time is running by fast. It still seems too soon, even tough the collection are available for too long now...:(
The stylish-polish look is still in. So you better keep on looking perfect for the next season too. You saw the colors that are in this fall, so now let's start talking about...EVERYTHING!
I love the cold season for one important thing: hats! Everybody wears them, because it's too cold otherwise (no, I'm not talking about all you sun-shine-happy-people, who live in worm climates). No, the fall/winter hates are for us, grumpy-ass-freezing snow people lookalike! Anyways, I already have a favorite at this category and I'm sure you'll agree the hats are gorgeous!
So, the winner is: John Galliano!
Hope you like them too, even tough they are from the haute couture collection...
Images from TrendDeLaCreme

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree John Galliano did so well with the fall couture collection! I loved the black grommeted felt hats.