Friday, April 13, 2012

Knotted & Dotted - ss2012 (preview)

We will finally start shooting the Knotted & Dotted - ss2012 collection, by Arina Varga (aka.ME). I don't know why I just did that...guess I'm just tired after a hard, but fantastic day, I'll tell you more tomorrow.

So, here you can see some details, part of the colors (yep, there's more) and the main cuts. I really hope you'll enjoy it because this is my very first spring-summer collection. The fact is I am a ss person...ook, more of a Spring person, but that's basically the same (?!). Anyways, that's why I am also surprised of the fact that this is the first hot-season collection. Hmmm...maybe I'll love it and do only sunny clothes :))

The team? Almost the same:
photographer: Bogdan Iorgovan
hair styling: Bianca Pilan
accessories: Lulou
models: not sure yet :))

Yuu-huuu! Can't wait to start shooting 'snap!-snap!' (no 'bang!-bang!'), because I'm sure we'll have a wonderful time (just like at the last shooting). We are a killer team :)))Images: theFword

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