Monday, April 2, 2012

How it Was @ AbFab - Spring Edition

It was painful and beautiful, at the same time!

Maybe some of you know I have to travel almost across the country to get to this fair, in Bucharest. Well, the road was hell this time! It took longer then expected, we had to take a detour and we got lost. Finally, we got to Bucharest after 11 pm.

During the night, the clock changed to the spring time. So, we lost an hour! ;((( At the fair I was like a zombie, mesmerized by all the beautiful things around me! Everybody was so beautiful, I can't even describe it!, well, I didn't even changed into the outfit I prepared for the event.

After it was all done...we went on the road again, back home! CRAZY WEEKEND!
I promise never to do this again! I want to enjoy the Absolutely Fabulous Fashion and Vintage Fair! I want to talk to people, laugh and have a fantastic time ( just like everybody else...).

The loveliest fair ever!
But, something super-duper is going to happen to the West Side of the country! And I'll be there. West Side - Strong Side! ;))))

In the end, sorry if I acted funny (not in the 'ha-ha' way) at the fair! I was dead tired. But, I promise next time I'll be on the top of my game! ;)Images:theFword

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