Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cate Acts Fashionable!

Cate Blanchett looks adorable (very high-class) in this Vanity Fair - February, 2009 issue - photo shoot. Lately I sens artists are returning to theaters, using a lot of drama in their creations! A good thing, especially thanks to the mood created!
Yep, we'll all become drama queens!As a plus, here you get to see all the current trends in fashion: the Harlequin, bloody red (a trend that I'm sure will extend during summer), silky drapes and vintage high-class looks.
From: JustJared


Alice in vintageland said...

Cate always looks esquisit and this photo shoot is especially good because they really use her inne queen quality! As for the drama queen comment, I always was one and always be one:)

Arina said...

Drama!drama!drama! With all these fashion around, we are all little drama queens!