Thursday, January 15, 2009

Funny, Fashion, Modern Cats

As weird as it may sound...I love these pictures...and I love cats. So...I don't know if anything is wrong here and I'm pretty sure the cats aren't in any kind of pain!
So...I like them! As it turns out, these are Halloween wigs specially made for cats! Plus, the packaging isn't half bad! I want a case like that!
You can get them here, or you can visit the site to get more information on them. Enjoy!
From: Modern cat


Deea said...

hey sweetie :) am fost in standby cu blogul si tot pentru ca sunt in mutari si nu am net, am fost si mega-racita si nu am ajuns pe la redactie. but i'll be back on track real soon :). te pup

Arina said...

it's a promise?:) Sper ca acum te-ai facut bine, frumoasa si sanatoasa, gata de munca in noul an! :))

Anonymous said...

Doamne sunt adorabile!!!Am si eu un motanel acasa.:D