Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Adelina Does Special Stuff ...for Special People

Adelina is a fashion designer from Timisoara, who's work is pretty cartonny. I love the fact that her designs make the models seem out of this world, they completely transform a person.

And even if they are a bit childish, Adelina manage to give them a little charm. Dressed in them, every girl can be a little lady. Remember how it was when you were small and used to try your mother's clothes? They didn't really fit you, they weren't really made to be worn like you used to...but still, you looked gorgeous in them. Magic comes from mistakes (intended or not).

This is just another example of hocus-pocus!
Images: Special Stuff for Special People


Anonymous said...

FOARTE FRUMOASE fustitele.Superbe!!!

Arina said...

si mie mi-au placut din prima:)

Alice in vintageland said...

Da, dragute foc - iti amintesc de copilul din tine!