Saturday, April 9, 2011

Are You Missing Arad?

Arad Is Missing You Too!Today is crazy!
Windy, with puffy clouds, bright blue sky, loud music all over town...and somehow, I'm sure all of you born in Arad and living somewhere else, all of you are really missing this place (I should know, this is all we talk about when we meet)!
The photos are for you!

Are you missing Arad?
Believe me, Arad is missing you too!

That's why today I did a little soul searching. After spending most of the past few months in Arad, I again have the opportunity to live/work somewhere else. In Bucharest (the capital city of Romania), or in another country...not sure what to do. Now, I still don't have an answer, but I have these photos to compensate for :))

And it doesn't matter. I'm doing the "slow living" thing right now. So whenever I'll find the answer, it will be the perfect time! 'till the, Arad kids! We'll be all together soon!

Images: theFword


Anonymous said...

super poze arina!

Arina said...

:) happy you like them!

Anonymous said...

yap, missing it :) ai dreptate

Arina said...

well, "it" told me "it" misses you back! ;)))

Anonymous said...

...well maybe it's time to improve your french ;)

Ana said...

:))))))))))))))))))) Magiccccc

I'm not missing it sincer, dar acum dupa ce am vazut pozele talecam m-am intoarce putin, asa vreo 4 ore:)

Arina said...

@Katia: you think? ;))) :***

Arina said...

@Ana: hai ca asa, cu bune si cu rele, tot e magic! And u know it;) kisses!