Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Wedding Season

Has officially opened!
Oh joy, oh joy! This year I promise to take pictures (or to hunt down the brides) of the wedding dresses I'll be making. In just one week, 7 more got added to the list.
And I couldn't be more happy, because I'm a true believer in love and happily ever after!

So, in order to celebrate the opening of the wedding season, I give you: Valerya (a photo shoot by Amber Gray). Everything is like a fairytale, but with a twist (just the way I like it). Even so, it all seems to fit perfectly together!

Now, I don't necessarily like the dresses (even thought some details are to-die-for), I am just in love with the pictures!!! It's because of all the spooky animals, I'm sure!From: ZAC-fashion


Ioana Liliana said...

I adore these! Now I wanna get married :)) Perfect photo selection, of course!


Arina said...

;))) oh you cutey you! :*