Sunday, April 3, 2011

Meet Anna Wolf!

Wolf, as in Anna Wolf! Not the Big-Bad-Wolf!!! No way, we are talking about an American photographer that currently is splitting her time between Los Angeles and New York. Meet Anna Wolf!

The images featured here are from her latest work and I think they best describe her style as far as photography goes. This is how she sees the world! Soft, pure and a little clumsy. Always in colors and even if messy you can feel a certain order in them. Like the saying: organized mess! A natural mess, where the owner can find things without any problem.

Anna Wolf shows a great world! Not different, but just a little special. I love it! I want to move there one day...From: Anna Wolf


eflori said...

Coolness! <3<3

Arina said...

:) happy u like it! :*