Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Midnight Galliano

A few nights ago, while feeling really sick, I decided to fallow my Redhead's advice and have a crazy night! She said it will help me, or kill bought cases I won't be feeling sick anymore. Well, it almost killed me, but that's another story! :)))

Soo, back to the story: while following my red wine prescription , just around midnight, a Galliano punk jacket entered the room! The London feeling was overwhelming, the cut was perfect, the vibes were wild and young!

Pufff...It just made my ears ring the Clash, or the Sex Pistols (also the Ramones, even if they weren't brits...). Well, I started feeling dizzy and before running home I managed to take a few images. The owner of this cool jeans number: Ana Cirnu...and she wears it oh-so-well!

*as far as John Galliano goes, I decided not to comment on the latest events involving the infamous designer. You already know what happened, how most important people feel about it...bla-bla-bla. All I can say is that I love his work.
And that's the end of it!
Images: theFword


Anaivilo said...

OMG that jacket is amazing! I am thinking about making one like that myself..painted and stuff. It kind of surprised me that incident which he created, but as you say, I just love his work too and that's that:D

Arina said...

happy you like it (and that you agree).
I wanna see pictures with the jacket when you'll finish it! :*