Monday, April 4, 2011

Karl. The Apartment. A Shooting

This little photo-set exist thanks to fashion photographer Piotr Stoklosa, who was able to shoot Karl Lagerfeld, in his studio in Paris. The occasion? An interview by Joanna Przetakiewicz for noted polish fashion magazine VIVA!

I guess most of you know that I have a little obsession with this stunning apartment, in Paris' Saint Germain area...I just love it and I just love seeing images of it! Such a perfect place for a shooting, don't you think? Simply...such a perfect place!

Magazine: VIVA!
Photography: Piotr Stoklosa
Styling: Agnieszka Scibior
Hair and makeup: Wilson |D'Vision Art|
Production: Sara Marcysiak
Website: www.photografiq.comFrom: DesignScene

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