Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Taste of Memories

You know how sometimes, a certain taste reminds you of a certain period in your life? Or of a certain person, feeling...just a memory! Well, this happened to me today and I'm using this post (with the photos and all) to talk about it! :)

A while back I lost my sens of smell (they say it won't be permanent and so on). After that, as a side effect, I lost my taste. Life sucked at first. I started using wayyy to much perfume, tasted everything like crazy...just pure panic. Then I got used to it and learned to adjust to this new way of life:
-I use the same perfumes I used to
-I ask my friends how many "puffs" of perfume I need to smell delicious
-I eat what I used to love
-I don't give my opinion when it comes to talking about new recipe a friend tried...

That's the story. So life got back to normal, until today. I went to Timisoara (feeling extra-sick, dreaming about staying in bed, watching bad movies and drinking loads of hot tea) in order to buy some fabric. *note to self: next time, you must visit someone special that you haven;t seen in a while! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!*
After finishing my errands, I visited my lovely Redhead and her fluffy cat. Had some of her great coffee and I was on my way. But one more stop was a must (I really don't know why...). I stopped by a bakery, a very old and popular one: Trandafirul (the Rose) and bought a Cherry Chocolate Cake.

It tasted the same as it did 3 year ago...the last time I had it! The last time we had it! It tasted like pure LOVE, like I'm Sorry...like I will always be here for you!
I will always love this desert! Cerise Chocolat!
*hope next time I won't get this excited and remember to take some photos...because the ones here, are not of itNow, the images are not of that desert, but of a similar one. Here!

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