Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Car Collection

I know what you're thinking!
A post about cars?! Is she going crazy?!
Well...maybe! But not because of this cool four-wheeled post!:)

Who is the owner of this amazing car collection/garage? The one and only Ralph Lauren! Until I saw this, I knew he had a great passion for style (and cars), but thanks to the images by Todd Eberle of Vanity Fair (all images here) I am speechless!
This is what passion looks like!Believe me, I don't know cars. But I know when I see a good-looking one. As far as I go, I loveee the garage! Looks just like a museum, don't you think? Now, in order to sound smart, I'll copy/paste a few examples of cars from Ralph Lauren's fantastic car collection!
Here we go: a 1938 Bugatti, a 1958 Ferrari Testa Rossa and a 2010 Lamborghini Murielago.

So, here you have another post about what happens in the homes of famous fashion designers! :))

*I like the 1937 Bugatti Type 57SC Gangloff Drop Head Coupe. Sweet!From: theCoolist

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