Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gowns as Paintings...

Yesterday I went to a cafe that had gowns (and other pieces of wardrobe) on their walls. They were all fixed there with silvery-paint, that gave it a great texture. But still, something just didn't feel right (maybe because of all the other details there).

As soon as I got home, I started researching on the subject (yes, in was 2am, but I get obsessed with things like this...). And I was oh-so-happy to find this project!
The exhibition Vova Vorotniov and Ksenia Schnaider presented last week at Kiev Fashion Days marked an unusual collaboration between the artist and fashion designer.
The series of prints features bright collages comprised of X’U clothes and everyday objects. Vorotniov has a graffiti background; for this series, the artist used clothes from Schnaider’s X’U collection instead of paint to create abstract compositions.
Ksenia Schnaider of X’U clothing works intensively with the Ukrainian art scene, and this project is another step towards the exciting fusion of art and fashion.
I can only imagine making designs out of fabrics printed with clothes! ;)) Too much fun! :DThis is how the exhibition look:From: Design You Trust