Wednesday, April 20, 2011

in Romanian...

Urmarirea (de la o distanta sigura)
Ma intreb uneori ce face,
Nu e o fixatie, nici o obsesie.
Doar ma intreb.
Nu cercetez, nu urmaresc.
N-as vrea sa aflu altceva.
Incerc sa par interesant,
Iar asta nu vine decat cu distanta.
Distanta aduce separare
Separarea duce in alte parti.
Cand partile se impart,
Nu se mai intalnesc.
E oarecum ironic,
Dar cert.
Avem mereu o singura sansa,
La orice.

A big sorry to all of you that don't speak Romanian...I usually don't do this, but this text has been obsessing me for almost a while now and I just had to get it out of my system!
So here I am posting it!

From: Jack's Journal

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