Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Staircase to/in Heaven

Depiction Lab design a new inspiring interior store in the heart of Liverpool ONE

That's the news. That what the staircase is for...I don't care about the store. I just love the staircase! Yess! Adore it! I want to live there. Have lunch, dinner and a really early breakfast...all on the stair, eating with my hands! Perfection I tell you!:))From: Contemporan


info said...

Thanks guys for posting up our work and your kind words. It was a great pleasure on working on The Home Quarter project in Liverpool. I hope you like what we've enjoyed creating.

If you would like to see other projects Depiction Lab have worked on please go to our website below.

Many thanks

(Co-Founder of Depiction Lab)

Cee said...

What an amazing exhibit! Thanks for sharing, since I'm never likely to see it in person- although I would very much love to; maybe I'll plan a trip :)

Arina said...

@James: there's no need to say that we loved what you did! Great job! ;)

Arina said...

@Cee: Agree with you! It all looks amazing! :)