Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Meet Brooke Shaden!

Brooke Shaden is a young photographer that does things a little different. Not only as far as the image itself goes, but also with the way the image is presented: a square shape, with extra-texture included.
Brooke has been said to encapsulate a new way of creating imagery for our time and has "...dramatically restated a new photographic feminist agenda for the 21st century."
Broken spirits, heads in the sky, or simply just floating trough life. Different feelings, strongly represented in her photos! Brooke Shaden shoots the souls!

Images the perfectly reflect the way I'm feeling right now. Overwhelmed with work, with decisions for the future...with life in general.
I really have no reason to be like this, because I know that all problems have a solution...but (as always, there is a but) I just can't shake this feeling. It's just been hunting me for a while now and it just won't go away! One day!!!From: Brooke Shaden

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