Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Be a Colorful Bad-Ass!

You didn't think it was possible? Well, now you know it is!!! And it's all thanks to Ruthie Davis and their adorable-ass-kicking-colorful Spring Summer 2011 Collection!

My opinion?
I am in love..
I am in pain...
I want all of them!!!!!!!!

And let's be honest, they will have fun with me! I promise! I'll take really good care of them, showing them all the fun places, going to parties, fashion shows, out with boys that can appreciate a good pair of heels! :))
Now, I got this new obsession all thanks to the lovely Simona. She was so nice to share this with me..grrrrrrr!!! My dear friends that I adore, you will pay big time! Because of you, now I can't sleep, I can't work..I can't do anything but dream of a Ruthie Davis pair!!!...and I love every second of it! :*

Yes, the Ruthie Davis heels are for sure wanted! Wanted really really bad!From: Ruthie Davis


simonelzr said...

Ruuthies! Ai aflat cat costa?

Arina said...

nope... ;(((