Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Who's Afraid of the HOT Pink?

Don't you dare say something!!!
I love pink! Even more, I love fuchsia!

Everybody is talking about this Summers trend, regarding this color. The IT color! You can read a pretty interesting article on the Thrill of the Heel blog. Anyways, yes people. This Summer we will live la vie en rose!...and I don't mind!

Now, don't panic and keep in mind that this color doesn't have to necessarily mean cut and girly. It can mean punk, it can mean rock and believe me, it can be a bad-ass color if you want it to be. All that pink or fuchsia do is put you in the spot light! So, be careful how you use them :)

If you don't really feel like wearing a full pink outfit (and, between you and me...that's pretty hard to pull of->BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE!), you can simply make the details of your outfit pink. Like a scarf in the hair, or a pair of cute stilettos. You know the drill!

All I really want is make you all accept pink for what it is!
It's not the mellow, scared, boring color most people think! Pink, for me, is POWER!

Now, enjoy Mia Wasikowska in a little/short pink story.
Images: www.fashiongonerogue.com/

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