Friday, February 28, 2014

Weekend Plans...

The weekend.
It is almost here! Most of us, us the work obsessed during the working week, find the weekend to be the perfect time to get loose, party and simply have a great time with friends. Aaaand, that usually involves alcohol (in more or less quantities).
So, forget all the problems, the calls, the bills. Everything. It's the weekend and nobody will be able to keep you from enjoying yourself (except maybe if you have to work on weekends...buuuu!)
In Romania, we have a saying. If you sneeze once, then twice, people will say 'be in good health', 'God bless you' .. the usual bla-bla. BUT, if you sneeze for the third time then this is what they say: 'Hmm...Today you will party!'. Well...I just sneezed 3 times and one of the seamstresses working with me looked at my face and smiled!
Yep! It's going to be wild this weekend!
And if not, we'll make it! Just so me can confirm the sneezes premonition!

Have funnn!

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