Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Happily Ever After...

I can't really say I've been dreaming about my wedding dress ever since I was little. That simply is not the case and it shouldn't be a problem.
Maybe some of you did and some didn't. Even so, we can all agree that the wedding dress is THE dress.

Me, I'm more on the 'making the dress' side. Because of my job. Oh...well, I never thought I would enjoy making them as much as I do. It's simply a magical experience every time I make one and I'm always as nervous as the bride about how it will turn out.

Believe me, making the dress is an experience in its self!
It all starts with meeting the client.
I don't like pre-making wedding dresses and then simply waiting for a girl to come along an love it. I make them unique, just like my clients! Because I believe that's how they should be. I mean...you'll wear it only once (if all is good) and it should be really special!

So, first I meet the client and we talk. We talk for a few hours. Get to meet each other. I like to know my bride's hobbies, music preferences, adventures and so on. All this things, believe it or not, really help me in making a wedding dress.

After that, I start sketching. More then one model, so she can chose the one she loves most. BUT!!! But I keep in mind her body shape at all times. She must look fabulous on her wedding day, right? :D From those illustrations, together we choose the perfect one for her. The IT dress.

Then we pick fabrics and the process of making the dress begins!
If you ask me, the essence of a perfect wedding dress is in the details!
The small things that will simply make it yours. That's why I love making unique embroideries for them, or other special things. I remember I've once read that the wedding dress is the closest dress to couture!...and I couldn't agree more!

In the end, after many fitting, meetings and so much more, the end result is THE wedding dress.

Now, here is some information about wedding dresses and body shapes. Maybe it will help you. Even so, from my experience, take this as a guide line, not as a must. In order to know what fits you best go see a specialist, or simply try as many types of dresses as possible!
Images: all but the last one Atelier Arina Varga & the last one from SweetPotatas

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