Thursday, February 27, 2014

Comfy Can be Elegant / How to Shop Smart!'s finally Spring!
Because I'm all about fashion (except the way it affects me...we'll talk about that later), as soon as the sun start warming everything around me, I start thinking about elegant dresses, with perfect shapes and cuts! And when one thinks about that, one sure thinks about the retro designs (or the Japanese patterns...also).
So, I say we enjoy a video from the '40s. IN COLOR!!!

They were simple and elegant and looking perfect. Don't you think? There was a high class when it came to dressing...even for a walk in the park. I wish things would be the same again... I wish that people would start caring more about how they look and understand that the way you present yourself in front of others could be a sign of respect (given to them).

I'm pretty sure you will start saying that not everybody has the money for looking good. People, believe me when I tell you, looking good is not about how much you spend, but how you spend it.

Here are some useful tips on how to look great, on a budget
1. Always be clean and have a clean look!!! I can't stress this enough. No loose hems, no holes in your blouse, no loose seems!!! I think more people should have a home sewing machine, to be able to fix problems like this. They really are not that expensive! BUT, if you don't want to spend on one, just take a needle and a matching sewing thread and start working your fingers on fixing the mess.
It's simply unforgivable to appear in public like that (for man and woman)!
So, it doesn't matter if your clothes aren't the newest. By taking care of them and fixing their problems, you will look great!

2. Be careful what you buy! When it comes to basic pieces I think you could spend more. Because those pieces will be with you for a very very long time (basic pieces are always in...that's why they are called basic). ;)

3. Don't be afraid to check out thrift stores. Other fashion bloggers make a real passion/hobby out of digging for treasures there and they really find them! Don't judge a skirt by the fact that it sits in a pile of fashion wrongs. With a little wash and ironing, it will come back to life!
But! Don't start buying things just because they are cheap! You will end up spending more money (even if you do have more stuff...but you won't wear them!!!). Here too, less is more!

4. Take a look in your mom's or your grandmother's closets. They might still have some great dresses or jackets in there!!!

5. Never-ever buy something that doesn't fit you perfectly!!! If you can't find that perfect fit because you are in between sizes (no worries, most people are), take them to somebody that can fit them for you.
Before doing that, make sure to talk to a seamstress. She can tell you what to buy and what can she adjust, in order for it to be cheap. Being informed it's way easier! For example: you try a pair of pants but they are to big at the waist, fit you perfect on the butt and too long on the leg. This is simple to adjust! Because she only has to fit the waist and cut the length!
Again: when clothes fit you good, you look good!!!

Follow those rules and you will be able to look great, no matter the trends or season.
If you have any questions, I am more then happy to answer them! ;)

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