Thursday, February 13, 2014

the Crazy Cat Lady

It's been a while now since everybody noticed cats invading the internet. No secret here. No secret that fashion people are absolutely going crazy about cats and NO SECRET in the fact that I am going to become a crazy-cat-lady (maybe the Redhead will join me...actually, pretty sure about that)

Even so, I like to believe that petting a cat a day, keeps the doctor away! They are better then therapy and when you pet a cat while eating nutella, well...that's just haven my friend!

As a future CCL (Crazy-Cat-Lady!!!) I have my obsessions when it comes to my 2 pets (2 Russian Blue cats, Mitzi and Boris) and also to cats in general. Just take a look at my Instagram album!
Cat, over cats, over cats...and then some more cats. I work all day, and sometimes even nights, but still...the only think I seem capable of snapping a picture of, is a cat (or two...)

Crazy as it may seem, the cat-mania is here and it will stay for a long time.
If you are looking for someone to blame for that, I give you: the fashion world!!!
All designers have a soft spot when it comes to cats and I think it's mostly because of the way a feline acts. I too see great inspiration in the way cats look, walk, sleep. No wander one of the most popular words in fashion involves cats: catwalk!!!
Just so we can miau-miau all the way to a greater style!

Now, I like cats and I like fashion...why wouldn't I love cat-inspired fashion?!
I don't simply like a blouse with a cat on it! Even if this one...oh...I don't even know what to's sooo bad, that I love it!!!
Mostly I like to be catty when it comes to the accessories. And if they get to be a little naughty, well...all for the better!

As The Aristocats said: Everybody wants to be a CAT!
And whom am I, to disagree?!? :)) Because a cat's the only cat who knows where it's at ;)

Images: Pinterest, Catwalk to the Moon

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