Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rainbows! Rainbows Everywhere!

What do you do when the sun comes out after the rain? Do you break out in song? Do you go jumping through puddles? Or do you just ignore it? All of these are totally valid and respectable options, but if you are anything like me (or an 8 year old child) you go looking for that rainbow. Look through all the windows, go outside, stop the car in the middle of nowhere to check the skies - these are all things I did (and also things I'm totally not ashamed of) just to get a fleeting glimpse of a rainbow, those glorious unicorn highways.

I am going to bake this cake and it's going to be a disaster

And could you possibly guess what I like more than rainbows? If you guessed useless little trinkets than I'll give you a prize because I love useless little trinkets (someday I'll show you all the things that clutter up my house and that day is going to be wonderful for all of us). So you can imagine that on the top of my  MUST HAVE list is that ugly little thing down there. It's a rainbow maker, you guys, it demonstrates that man has truly conquered nature, and it shall soon be mine.

It creates tens of little rainbows that move around your house, and it's going to make me very happy and it's going to drive my cats literally up the walls. Fun times are ahead!

It's Science!

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