Wednesday, February 19, 2014

GIF Talk: Make it Real!

Grab a glass of wine, make yourself comfortable and let's talk gifs. I can already feel you rolling your eyes through my screen and saying "Noemi, is this really a conversation? Beside an occasional 'Ooh! look how cute that raccoon is, eating his grapes.' is there really something to talk about here?". And let me assure you that: Yes! Yes, there is! Because, first of all, I could talk for hours about how cute that raccoon is and second, because gifs are so diverse. They vary from silly to intricate to fascinating and we are going to talk about them regularly.

Today I'm going to draw your attention to Gifpop!, a couple of hipster magicians who will turn your virtual gifs into reality, and by that I mean gif postcards. Look at it!

This is a gif of a gif of a gif. The meta is not lost on me.

Do you know what this means? Yes, exactly! You can now turn your drunken party pictures into dizzying memorabilia you can play with and proudly show your guests. I know, guys, this is the future!

On a slight side note, this is a pretty old technique and people from these parts all know about gif postcards because they are sold at bazaars here and they usually have kitschy moving pictures on them, a winking Vietnamese girl was a very popular one. They are also fascinating, but now you can turn this into a postcard and that is pretty damn great in my book.

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