Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Lot on my Mind...

Ok...ok...relax people!
Don't get too scared of my face. I'm tired from work, exhausted from workouts and crazy hungry from dieting for the past 2 mouths. Yep, this Summer my 10years class reunion will take place and (like all crazy women out there) I want to look fantastic!

But more on that in a later post, because it's a pretty big subject!!! What to wear?! how to do my hair?! how to talk? how to eat? how much to drink???????
Uh...I'm pretty sure I'll just find something to wear that same day, I'll do my own hair, wear just a little make-up and simply act normal all day long. Even so, it's nice to stress about it!

And if there is anybody in this world that likes to stress on silly (and important) things, well HELLO PEOPLE! I am here to do all of that and more! It's not like I have a job, a family, clients etc. No, plenty of time to stress about stupid things! Shish...

Really know. Today I am extremely stressed. Because of my job. And I don't really know why, because it's the usual here at the atelier. The only difference being the fact that we are working (hard to finish) on the ss2014 collection. There is a lot of hand work involved, great amounts of fabric and so sooo many little details that you know I adore. A great dress is all about the little details. Not having it full of everything!

As I'm doing all this I have to talk to my lovely clients, go to meetings, answer the phone...plus all the bureaucracy of having my own business. I just like to be a drama queen, because I do love it ALL!

In the end, the hardest day for me is not Monday.
I hate Tuesday!!!

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